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网站beta版上线通告 Beta version is launched!

各位医护人员、合作伙伴和学生,      很高兴通知大家,PSBH中国网站beta版已经上线。由于我们团队正在向个机构收集资料和成功故事,我们网站在这一个阶段作为资料分享的示范。此外,对于我们在明年春天举行的第一届区域年会,我们会在十月开放申请,上载更多资讯,敬请期待! Dear all, We are glad to announce that the PSBH China website has launched its beta version. This version servers as a reference for institutes, who are currently preparing information on their organizations and past PSBH projects to share with one another. In addition, more information about the first PSBH China Symposium happening next spring will be shared on its application launch date in October 2014. Mark the date!